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If you are intrigued to find out more about me and see if I will be a good fit for your day. Keep reading!

I love putting a smile on people's faces! Making others happy, makes me feel amazing! So rest assured, I will always put 110% into ensuring I achieve that for your day! 

I am an only child and grew up in Cornwall. I have family in Scotland and my dad is Scottish. Making me Scornish as I like to say haha! 

I have LOVED singing since a young age!

I will always remember standing on the coffee table at my nans pretending it was a stage, singing 'Angels' by Robbie Williams for my Nan and Grandad.

Over the years I have gigged and performed in a variety of different scenarios like pubs, Corporate Christmas Parties, Pride & Community events, and I've even performed alongside tricked-trained horses at a festival many years ago! That was definitely something a bit different!! Singing has always been a huge passion of mine!

I am a dog lover and will be over the moon if you have furry friends coming to celebrate with you! Yes, I will be speaking to them in the crazy dog voice and no, I will not apologise about it! haha! 

I have a newfound love for heels dance classes! it's quickly becoming a highlight of my week! I also enjoy going to the gym and on long walks with my boyfriend and dog! 

I am a Harry Potter feind! when it's a cold, rainy day you bet I will be putting that on and getting cosy!

I am a Kindle lover! I enjoy reading anything dark romance (IYKYK) ...or a psychological thrillers with jaw-dropping twists! 

So, now you have a few facts about me, I cannot wait to get to know you! 

I feel that being able to have a more personal relationship with you will enhance all the feels on your day, which we can both appreciate and cherish. 


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